We have worked hard to bring you not only the most authentic Japanese food in Bristol, but also a service and atmosphere that you could only otherwise get in Japan. 

Being the first Japanese owned and run restaurant in Bristol, we strive to balance dishes that are loved by many, and dishes that can only be truly appreciated by those homesick for Japan. 

Our menu ranges from an extremely healthy and traditional home-cooked dish, 'kinpira gobo' burdock root & carrots braised in soy sauce and sweet sake, to chicken teriyaki, sweet soy sauce glazed, tender and juicy free-range chicken. 


FRESH & Healthy

We get fresh fish daily, to ensure the highest quality possible for our sushi. Occasionally we will have sushi specials, when our suppliers are able to get the catch. We have had a range of fish that are as fresh as what you could get in the famous 'Tsukiji Market', Tokyo, such as 'katsuo' oceanic bonito, 'shima-aji' striped jack fish, and also 'kinmedai' splendid alfonsino. 


We have a nice range of 'nihonshu' sake, 'shochu' and 'kajitsushu' Japanese fruit wine. Please come and try, so we could show you the traditional way of pouring sake! 


'Kozara' means small plates in Japanese. We serve 'izakaya' (Japanese bar) style tapas during dinner. It is very popular to go to 'izakaya' after work for a pint, starting with edamame. After a few drinks and a lot of small plates, it is tradition to go to a karaoke bar!